pretend this diet coke is guinness

My lineage beyond my gonorrhea-riddled grandfather is a little murky, but I vaguely recall my dad telling me he was basically a Western Europe Mutt with heavy emphasis on the British Isles. As I am very likely at least 1/16th Irish – maybe even 1/8th – I feel entitled to temporarily adopt some stereotypical Irish mannerisms for the day and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the best of them. “Kiss Me, I’m Partially Irish” may never catch on, but I will hoist an imaginary green beer and dance a lively jig in honour of the patron saint of a country I may or may not have any legitimate ties to. Erin Go Bragh!

If you did not attend one of last night’s two workshops on Forensic Pathology at the Vancouver Police Museum, I know you are kicking yourself in the shins and cursing wildly under your breath. You missed an excellent evening – creepy, educational, and deliciously lurid. Chris Mathieson, the Museum’s Executive Director, delivered an engaging walkthrough of a typical autopsy (15,000 of which were performed in that very morgue between 1932 and 1980). It’s not too late to take part in some of the fun – next Tuesday’s workshop is on Blood Splatter, and the following week is Ballistics. Get your tickets online and come out to support one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets!

This week is suddenly crazy with busy! Tonight is the only downtime I have all week, and it will be spent madly (but discretely) packaging Smuttons for Friday’s Mini-Craft at the MOV. Tomorrow will be drastically different from last night’s crime and autopsies – it’s Fan Night at the Opera, and I’ll be attending to see the Vancouver Opera’s production of Nixon in China. I wasn’t able to make the dress rehearsal because of mom’s surgery, but the awesome Ling invited me to tomorrow night’s performance complete with, according to the VO’s blog, cute stage directors, cake, and swag. This will be my first “modern” opera, and the first I’ve seen in English – I can’t wait!

And now I’m off. My boss just handed me an enormous pile of work that I have to somehow complete in between all the fun that I’m setting up. I really need an assistant to manage my bursting social calendar – maybe I could get an intern. Interns don’t wear pants, right?

here, let me help you with that bra

who wants a cocktail?

3 thoughts on “pretend this diet coke is guinness

  1. “Chris (seen here without pants)…”

    Now he can never go into politics! I hope you’re happy!

    (note from Kimli: I never edit comments, but as I had a request to modify my original post, this comment no longer applied but I didn’t want to remove Gill’s entry coz I love her!)

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