new shiny

I love necklaces. I probably own a hundred or more – mostly silver, all awesome. I am drawn to shiny things like a magpie to .. well, shiny things. It can be a problem – how many necklaces can any one person (who isn’t Mr. T) wear at a time – but I am okay with that.

Recently though, I’ve getting more into buying necklace PARTS instead of finished pieces. I’m somewhat handy with a pair of pliers, so I’ve been attempting to make my own jewellery and getting my craft on. It’s a little cheaper (in theory; I buy a LOT of supplies and can’t possibly wear them all – I really ought to sell some) but a lot more fun, and I get to play with sparkly things. Everyone wins (except Ed, who inevitably has to vacuum up the tiny silver pieces that I lose in the carpet/bed)!

I got some new pendants in today, and made myself this:

*sparrow noise* (what? they don't caw)

It’s a freshwater pearl and something called a London Blue Topaz that was ridiculous expensive (comparatively speaking; it was a hair under $10 for the single stone), and the bird and chain are from various Etsy supply vendors. It is pretty! Hooray for being crafty!

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