still pantless

Day Two of Operation: No Pants is going strong, although this morning was a struggle. It looked cold outside, and I really wanted to cave in and wear some pants – but I resisted the urge for warmth over cuteness, and instead am wearing one of the slutty new dresses I purchased this past weekend. It was pretty entertaining to hear Miranda and I trying things on – many, many perfectly serviceable items of clothing were discarded on account of being “too modest”. Heh – boobs are awesome.

It’s a Zombie Tuesday ’round these parts – everyone at the office is stumbling around and looking like they’d like to eat some brains, myself included. I’ve already asked a coworker to come see me at my desk so I could “pick [your] brains .. with a fork”. I got more sleep than I did on Sunday night, but my dreams were totally fucked up on account of my spending the evening making some really, really raunchy Smuttons and playing Pokemon at the same time. Multitasking allows me to achieve both my goals at the same time, which are a) to catch them all, and b) see cum-guzzling sluts take it in both holes.


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