All couples argue from time to time, and Ed and I are no exception. Earlier this evening, we got into a fight about porn star Mark Davis: is he cut or not? Based on the magazine I was chopping up for Smuttons, he looked cut to me – but Ed pointed out the wrinkly skin in the picture, saying “that’s a foreskin. trust me, I know dick.” I argued – it looked cut to me, and I too know dick. We could not come to an agreement on the foreskin issue, so I did the only logical thing: I went online to check.

First stop: Wikipedia. It’s where I usually start, because it has a lot of good information about the things I am interested in – ie: things that have no bearing on real life whatsoever, and it’s always the non-important issues that have the most accurate information. It made perfect sense to me, but Ed thought this was absolutely hysterical. He laughed at me, a lot – “you went to Wikipedia to see if a porn star has a foreskin or not? What kind of internet do you USE where information like that is readily available, especially on Wikipedia?!” – and just about peed himself with the hilarity of my ridiculousness and all. Silly Kimli!

suck it, ed. please?


I mean, I was wrong – yep, that was a foreskin – but the information WAS on Wikipedia, and that is worth all the foreskins in the world.


7 thoughts on “vindication

  1. Too funny! I would imagine porn producers would want to know that kind of detail about Mark Davis. It is probably standard information on his resume, and could make a difference between him getting a gig or not. Kinda like breeding bulls. I used to typeset Cow/Bull Sale catalogues back in the 1980’s, and “size” was always recorded in the Bull specs.

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