I am so excited about this Monday’s Boobquake that I think we need get people together and see if our collective cleavage can cause Vancouver’s ground to tremble. I’ve created a Facebook event for this Monday, but here are the details:

When: Monday, April 26th at 5:30pm
Where: The Black Frog in Gastown – 108 Cambie St;  down from the Steam Clock
Why: Boobs are awesome

This is an open, informal event – dress down your girls, bring some friends, and come have a beer or two. If the ground starts shaking beneath the pub, we’ll know the Iranian Clerics are onto something.

Men are definitely invited, but I ask that they be respectful of both the boobs and the women they are attached to. Also, I think the guys should play along – if you’ve got moobs, bring ’em out. If not, undo those shirt buttons and show us some skin. Everyone can play! It’s for SCIENCE!

Hope to see you and your boobs on Monday!

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