you know?

My plan to take over the world one interview at a time, is slowly coming to fruition – I am this week’s Geek Speak over at the Straight. Stephen interviewed me last Friday, and the article hit the e-waves today:

please take me seriously as a professional

We did the interview over the phone, and my answers are pretty much word for word. It is embarrassing to see how I often I say “you know?”, which is apparently my version of “like” or “ummm”. At least, it should be – in my head, I’m just being polite and asking if the reader/listener is, in fact, knowing of what I am speaking. I can’t help it. I’m a trainer; I have an ingrained need to make sure people understand the point I am trying to get across.

Or it could just be that I am a very  bad speaker in general.

Still, hooray! I like being interviewed! So far this year I’ve been in the Straight, on Global TV, and on CBC for various things (being a geek, being at the opening ceremony rehearsal, and being online respectively). I am very slowly becoming famous in my own head! Soon I will be signing autographs and going clubbing in short skirts and no panties. Is it too soon to get an agent? Should I stop doing laundry so I can eBay my underpants? So many decisions to make!

I’m off to my next speaking engagement (aka doing my job – it’s time for Friday training) – when I return, we will talk about boobs and Monday and how I hope you will all come out to play.

7 thoughts on “you know?

  1. Very fun interview – very lazy journalist!

    I hate it when I’ve simply been transcribed verbatim, rather than the interviewer cleaning things up a bit. And considering nobody actually does their own transcription these days, talk about literally phoning it in, you know?!

  2. Nice one! Can I have your e-sign autograph? I figure get it now before you ACTUALLY get famous and try and charge me for it!

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