no good very bad week

Downtown smells like fried onions and reluctant marriages.

I am having a very, very bad week. It’s so bad that it’s overshadowing the fun I had in the first three weeks of April, which didn’t suck out loud. There was so much fun this month – parties, pot cookies, fancy times with famous designers, having a blast as the Opera Ninja, boobs, pubic service announcements and fund raising for breast cancer, hilarious stalkers bearing delicious juice, America, porn, photo shoots, 20th anniversaries, interviews – that it is hard to process the depth of horrible bad times that the last few days have been. I don’t enjoy the bad. I exist solely to have fun, and time spent dealing with police and broken hearts and drunk people and ruined vacation plans is all time that could be better spent having good times.

Okay, that last sentence was intentionally melodramatic. Truthfully, none of the four Big Bad Things are related to one another at all:

  1. I got pulled over by the police on my way to work this morning and received a $109 ticket for riding Lola in a bus lane (totally my fault, but I’m still upset about it)
  2. .. I don’t know that I’m ready to write about this one just yet
  3. Monday’s #YVRboobquake event was fun, but I had to deal with my number one social anxiety: drunken strangers. The organizers of the event at the VAG bailed because of the ridiculous number of men with cameras that showed up just to see some tits, and brought a bunch of people to my event at the pub. This was great, except people kept looking to me as the organizer and there were some very .. enthusiastic drunk guys in the group who wanted attention and conversation and hugs and boobs. Contrary to the crazy exposed social life I’ve been living these past few months, I still am extremely shy and introverted when faced with uncomfortable situations – and man, was I uncomfortable. My friends had to rescue me more than once when I managed to make panicked eye contact their way. I think I handled everything okay and I think I’m past the point where an experience like that would make me want to hide in my living room and underpants for weeks on end, but I didn’t like it and it really tested my abilities to be around strangers.
  4. Ed works in a group of 3 in his office. Two of his coworkers planed a vacation to Vegas together without telling him, and it’s the same time as our trip to the coast. Hell was given and people feel bad, but the end result is my vacation being cut short to accommodate for other people’s asshattery; people I don’t work with or really know at all and it sucks a whole great big pile of balls. I was already annoyed that we can’t take our trip in May because of Ed’s job, and now my vacation is being cut SHORT because of his coworkers? Yeah, I think you can guess how I might feel about that. Hint: it isn’t good.

I know most of this will pass, and in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that big a deal. All of this has happened in the last 3 days though, and it’s a lot of chagrin/heartache/anxiety/rage to take in all at once. I have a limit, you know. I think I may be at it.

yes, i needed this

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