20th anniversary edition

After I watched (most of) last night’s episode of Glee – screw you Global TV; I was watching the US feed for a REASON – I asked Ed if his first time was awkward and/or accompanied by a snappy song and dance number. He said he was nervous, but it was a fairly routine deflowering – no wacky sitcom-style situations or baffling plot twists. Mine was similar – nervousness, excitement, impatience, confusion (“so, when does the other person get here?”) – but nothing exciting enough to build an hour of entertaining television around.

I did realize something, though: this year marks the 20th anniversary of my first time.

This calls for a celebration! Or, perhaps .. a re-release!

the easter eggs are particularly terrifying

Kimli’s Virginity, the colorful, wildly imaginative family adventure starring Kimli and her first real boyfriend, returns from the afterlife in a digitally remastered 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. This special edition is complete with animated shorts, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and recently uncovered, never-before-seen footage. An all-new director’s commentary is accompanied by the original trailers, premium features, and an in-depth interview with the cast. Relive Kimli’s First Time all over again, in high definition and stereo surround sound!

Yeah, that would be awesome.

And very, very disturbing.

Pre-order yours TODAY!

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