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Mommy-blogger-only contests annoy the hell out of me. What, I’m not good enough to whore myself out for free things simply because I don’t have children? Yes, there are definitely some mother-oriented giveaways like breast pumps or daycare or Lamaze classes or Xanax, but what about the other “mommy bloggers only” giveaways of fun things that non-mothers might also enjoy? Why segregate and glorify one tiny piece of the online population for only doing what, some say, we’re on this planet to do? Why are you punishing my choice to not procreate by denying me the chance to win free stuff?

In response to the very thing that ignited my righteous indignation – a giveaway for a 2-day Northern Voice pass that only mom-bloggers are eligible for* – I am offering a giveaway for a 2-day Northern Voice pass of my very own. Leave a comment below to enter, and I will draw the winner on Tuesday, May 4th.

Can you imagine the outrage and horror if someone held a contest that was for non-moms only? The noise the blogosphere would generate would be deafening and full of indignant ire. And yet, I desperately want to do just that – restrict my contest to non-breeders only – but then I would be a hypocrite who is stooping down to dangerous levels I am not comfortable existing in. I’d like to think I’m better than that (but clearly not above talking about what I wish I could do even if it makes me look bad), so there are no restrictions on my contest whatsoever. You can enter even if you have children, I suppose. See? I am so very noble and magnanimous, even when I am throwing a hissyfit.

So, if you’d like to attend the annual Vancouver blogging conference and biggest nerd party of the year, leave a comment below. The prize is a 2-day pass for Northern Voice, paid for out of my very own pocket, and all because I am annoyed to hell and back at the idea of a “mommy blogger only” contest. Blogging isn’t just for the childful or childfree, it’s for EVERYONE – just like Northern Voice itself.

Disclaimer: contest prize does not include transportation, accommodation, or happy ending. You don’t have to live in Vancouver to win, but as I will not be helping you get here, it would probably help. Remember, everyone deserves love – not just one part of the population. We at Delicious Juice Dot Com think you are all equally ridiculous in all ways, and therefore do not discriminate against those with children or those without, regard of where our personal preferences may lie.

Spread the word!

*: I’ve heard from the Crunchy Carpet blog, and have been told that the contest ISN’T mom-bloggers only. And yes, nothing on the post I linked to says moms only. All my righteous indignation, misplaced or not, came from Twitter – the contest was being advertised and re-tweeted by others as “Vancouver mom bloggers – win a two day pass for Northern Voice #NV10. Just visit @CrunchyCarpets blog http://bit.ly/9tC240 and comment“. I’m sure you can see how that might be misconstrued by people who like to get angry about random things as “moms only”, but I stand corrected – and the end result is that there are now TWO contests open to anyone for a 2-day pass to Northern Voice, so everyone wins!

Except really, only two people will win.

34 thoughts on “take back the conference

  1. Am I missing something about the other contest? From what it says, all you need to do is leave a comment to enter, and I see no mention of having to be a mom (or a blogger for that matter). Did it say so before and get changed?

    • Interesting – I am not sure, to be honest. The contest is making the rounds on Twitter as “Vancouver mom bloggers – win a two day pass for Northern Voice #NV10. Just visit @CrunchyCarpets blog http://bit.ly/9tC240 and comment”, which is clearly aimed at mothers. It’s not the first contest I’ve seen directed at mommy bloggers only, and while I can’t comment on whether or not the text of the original offer has changed, the RTs on Twitter are pretty clear.

  2. haha, this post made me laugh. happy to enter as a) i am not a mom and b) i am poor this summer re: grad school, but am all about northern voice! thanks on behalf of all of us young folks who chose education over having a kid ;-)

  3. Your post is hilarious and show the best writing happens when we are passionate. And you make a good point. Cliques are loathsome wherever they flourish on or off line.

    No happy ending though? Hmmm. Oh well, I’d still like to win!

  4. I wouldn’t be able to go anyway, because my parents will be in town from the UK, but I just wanted to say good for you, from another member of Team No Babies! (just… don’t tell my parents I said that…)

  5. Oh my…uh yeah…..it is open to WHOEVER visits my site and leaves a comment!

    The post is about moms because I am in a mom panel at NV and figure mostly mom types would be interested in seeing ME….

    So sorry I got your indignation all righteous!!

    Looking forward to seeing and meeting all types of bloggers there!!

    • Hey Crunchy!

      No harm done – most of my ire wasn’t directed at you specifically; you’re definitely not the only person I’ve seen with mom contests :) Sorry to have picked on you!

  6. I’d like to be entered in your contest Kimli.

    I’d try to bribe you or make you feel bad with my tale of woe, but I won’t.

    I just don’t get out of the house much.

  7. Okay, I am a girl, woman, mum, grad, creative, hosting a B Day sleepover for 8 girls, yah!1! then NV for the brain cells that don’t categorize and love people as is, throw my name in the hat, best AM.

  8. I’d love a pair! Although, I’d only need one. They’re sold out and I can’t buy any :-(

  9. Ohhh I am so happy you are posting this contest! I was so bummed when I heard the tickets were sold out. I will go around the conference spreading the word of empowerment for non-mummy bloggers!

  10. I just started writing again this year and now have 2 blogs I maintain.. a personal/business related one (http://unityintegration.blogspot.com) & one I just set up recently for the Strombo Show (radio show) fan chat sessions I host (http://stromboshowchat.blogspot.co) …

    The latter’s setup & other requirements have taken me away from personal one for the last month.. but I’ve ~40-50+ draft “articles” I’m working (and some contests of my own soon hope).. but I’d love to be able to attend an event like this.. as it would be wonderful to meet & network w/other blogger & people in the IT industry.. plus.. meet all these great ppl I chat w/online/Twitter, etc in person finally!

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