not just fast but from the past

Emotions ran high last night on Twitter; higher than I’ve ever seen them. The topic being discussed was an extremely sensitive one, and hash was slung all over the map by all sides. I was not immune to the fray; I threw my own mighty insistent two cents into the ring for several hours straight – but more on that in a another post. There’s something I’d like to address first:

It’s been a really, really long time since anyone has called me a whore.

I finally lost it last night, and snapped – before I was really aware of what I was doing, #0<1>:Dark Angel #169] came out with fists a-swingin’, and I unleashed something  I’ve not let loose for many years: my temper, my way with words, and some devastatingly accurate, barbed observations delivered in a volley of perfect grammar and timing.

When the smoke had cleared, I was a jumble of emotions: 20% annoyed with myself (I shouldn’t have stooped to that level), 45% triumphant (take that!), 5% chagrined (I wish I hadn’t called her a cunt; I love cunts), 30% ready for round two (damn, it feels good to be a gangsta), 20% amused (this is hilarious!), and 100% bad at math. I’m only human, and everyone has their breaking point – last night mine was hit, and the end result was .. all that. I probably lost some e-face, but it felt really good to let loose and say my piece. I was tired of the shit being spread behind my back. If you can say you wouldn’t have done the same, then you are a better person than I.

And in the end, the silence was broken only by the sound of his best friend’s zipper.

4 thoughts on “not just fast but from the past

  1. Huh, I was watching with awe and wondering what it was about… I totally understand the mixed emotions about getting into an online fistfight. It’s probably best not to do it too often, karma-wise. But your wrath? Is epic.

  2. How does that very politically incoreect saying go…

    “Arguing on the internet, is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you’re still a retard”.

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