stupid wednesday

I don’t mean that I had a bad day and it was stupid – that would be the easy way out -but rather, much like people spend Hump Day Wednesdays dry-humping their way to friction burns, I spent Stupid Wednesday a good 64 IQ points below my usual cognitive abilities.

I did SO MANY dumb things yesterday! I made ridiculous mistakes at work, even going to the R&D team to whine about something not working when it was fine and I was using the wrong port. I had trouble thinking straight, and needed my boss’s help to come to the most obvious solution since zippers. I FELL DOWN; tripping over my own feet while crossing the street and took a header in the middle of rush hour traffic. Someone sent me an email and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how they knew who I was. I badly pinched a nerve in my neck  turning too far to my right to look at someone instead of just swiveling my chair and now I can’t move properly. Yesterday was not a shining example of being Kimli, and I consider myself lucky to have made it through the day with only one bloody knee and no Nigerian scams draining my bank accounts.

Hopefully today is smarter.

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