i’ll get you next time


fun fact: dr claw's voice is an unmodulated soundwave, both voiced by frank welker

Lola’s back in the shop. I picked her up last Friday, and learned that both her head and base gasket had failed which resulted in the alarming coolant leak. They both had to be replaced and her engine rebuilt, but it was all covered under warranty so hooray for me! I rode her home and everything was just super.

The next night, the six of us rode/drove out to Delta for a party. I noticed a wet spot under Lola in the parkade, and another one when we were leaving the suburbs. After the coolant fiasco two weeks ago, I’ve been very nervous about miscellaneous liquids oozing from places where no oozing should ever occur. I kept an eye on it over the weekend to make sure it wasn’t just my admittedly overactive imagination, and sadly came to the conclusion that yes – Lola was indeed leaking, and leaking something different this time. Fuck!

I was supposed to drop her off at the shop after work today, but was too nervous to wait any longer so I took Lola in this morning. The shop wasn’t open yet, but the head mechanic arrived shortly after I did and took a look – yep, that’s an oil leak and also what the fuck. He quickly determined that now a SIDE gasket had blown and would have to be replaced, but was unrelated to the previous problem or the service they did last week. I was assured that I’m still under warranty and that he was 99% certain he had the necessary part in meaning I’d get Lola back at the end of the day .. but damnit all, anyway. I’ve never had a problem with this scooter, and now an entire range of gaskets are exploding all over the place resulting in multiple service calls .. BOO! THIS IS NO GOOD AT ALL!

I am a sad monkey with bright yellow shoes.

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