basking in the afterglow

That was the most incredible birthday party that anyone could have ever had. I admit that I was half worried that no one would come, but EVERYONE came and NO ONE WORE PANTS (except for Scott which is highly ironic given his Twitter name is “scottnopants“)! The pantslessness ranged from skirts and shorts to flat out underwear (both boxers and tighty whiteys) and towels. It was EPIC – Miranda dressed people up for her birthday, and I got them all naked. YAY!

If that wasn’t enough, I had not one but THREE cakes:

renee picked out this cake because it was pretty - turns out a "princess cake" is made of delicious princesses who taste like raspberry!

stephanie MADE ME A DOMO CAKE!!!! it was perfect and delicious and SQUEEEE DOMO CAKE!!!


I have been moved to near-tears a half dozen times over my two-day birthday celebration because people have been so sweet, but the one person that completely blew me away was Ed. Never one for grand gestures, I’ve often pleaded with him to try surprising me just once, instead of our usual “I point, he buys” method of gift selection. This year, I asked him to surprise me because there wasn’t anything in particular that I wanted other than expensive gadgetry that I wouldn’t expect from anyone other than myself. Apparently my request stressed him out for weeks, but he stepped up to the plate and scored a hat trick to win the World Cup: he got me a crazy cool necklace that I LOVE because it is both awesome and something he picked out, a hefty chunk of my iPad-to-be, two tickets to that thing I like, AND he arranged the Pedobear Cake which was so awesome I almost fainted from over-squealing. I’m not allowed to ask him to surprise me again, but he did such a good job – best birthday ever.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out without pants on, the silly people who brought me awesome cards and presents even though it totally wasn’t necessary, Stephanie for making the incredible Domo Cake, Miranda and Reilly for the use of their awesome party place, and everyone who made me feel crazy loved on my birthday – you are all incredible people that I am SO LUCKY to know and have in my life.

8 thoughts on “basking in the afterglow

  1. Is it wrong that I thought the Pedobear cake was one of the most romantic gestures I’ve seen in ages? Wait, don’t answer that.

    That party was so much fun it was as if it were my birthday too.

  2. dude, people love you. and there is a reason why, ’cause you’re awesome. ed did such a good job! sorry we couldn’t stay for long, but we did have fun.

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