thou shalt not

I don’t really have any rules when it comes to blogging. There isn’t a topic I won’t write about if it happens to be on my mind, much to the chagrin of those close to me who think I ought to be a little more discreet. Discretion is for people with something to hide, and my life – like my shirt – is open for all who care to take a look.

So imagine my surprise when Ed put his foot down and FORBADE me from writing about a particular topic. Me! He’s trying to censor ME! NOBODY censors me, not even me! I blog it all, from the state of affairs in my lady garden to my criminal misdeeds and raging post-post-post adolescent angst. There is nothing that I will not discuss, okay? That’s not how I roll.

And yet here we are – Ed has forbidden me from writing about the thing I will call The Incident. The Incident is not naked or risqué; it’s not illegal and does not actually involve Ed in any way. It has nothing to do with genitals (mine or otherwise), and would not get me arrested or placed on a No Fly list. It’s not racist or sexist or any other kind of “ist” – controversial, I suppose, but not more shocking than things I’ve already blogged with sheer abandon. I *hate* being censored, but I’m also masochistically amused by Ed’s insistence that The Incident not make it online. He’s so cute when he tries to stop me from doing things!

So, I’m curious. What do YOU think “The Incident” could be? What topic could be so damning that Ed would take action to keep it quiet; action that appears to actually be working?

Oh, the intrigue!

12 thoughts on “thou shalt not

  1. Maybe you should write a short story allegory to the incident. Use anthropomorphized animals and cutlery representing the participants of said incident.

  2. Jon FTW. Take it a step further: do a puppet show! Or we can get together and enact it in interpretive dance, and then put it on YouTube using the autotune Doubel Rainbow song as our soundtrack.

  3. Ooh ooh! Can we play twenty questions?

    Does it involve some sort of proposition? Did someone offer Ed $1,000,000 to spend the night with you?

    I like this game ;)

  4. This is hilarious to me because I KNOW THE SECRET.

    I mean, we’re BOTH going to hell, if I interpret his stance correctly


    I vote for puppet show.

  5. I certainly have a stance, but I didn’t forbid writing about The Incident. You admitted that it would probably cause a big kerfuffle and reluctantly decided to let it pass. I agreed.

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