my vagina has something to say

My vagina is more famous than yours.

i hate children so much there's an article in a magazine about it

I’m giddy with excitement to FINALLY be able to tell the world: I was one of three vaginas interviewed for an article that appears in the August 2010 issue of Chatelaine magazine. I saw the issue for the first time today!

Last summer, Rosemary Counter in Toronto contacted me about this post I made, in which I was denied a tubal ligation because I “might change my mind” about never (ever ever ever) wanting children. She was pitching a story about the process of getting a tubal done, and would I mind being interviewed about my experiences? I am nothing if not DELIGHTED to talk about my vagina to anyone who asks, so we made plans to have a conversation about my girl parts and how I don’t want my garden to be fertilized with seed so that I may spring forth new life from my womb. Seriously, I’m not interested. Get your seed away from my vaginal dirt.

Unfortunately, right around the time the article was supposed to come out (earlier this year), I heard from Rosemary – the magazine had changed owners, and as a result, the story got shelved. I was disappointed for my vagina, but more for Rosemary because she did a lot of work and research for the article. I still kept quiet about it in case minds were changed, and a few months later I got an email – we were back on! My vagina would achieve the Canada-wide fame it had longed for lo these many years! I received a call from a fact checker who made sure the article captured the facts (the only thing I had to correct was the assumption that my blog was strictly about my vagina – it’s not; sometimes I write about other things too), and was told the issue would be out in the August issue. AND HERE WE ARE!

this article is not about bondage (that interview is in another magazine altogether)

I am so very tickled by this – my vagina was interviewed! It’s in a magazine! I get to add this to my collection of Publications in Which My Name Appears For Some Reason! SO EXCITED! I want to show everyone, which will get extremely awkward (especially at work). Note to self: don’t open with “HEY WANNA SEE MY VAGINA??!”.


11 thoughts on “my vagina has something to say

  1. YAY! I don’t normally read this magazine, but I will now because I’ve never known a nationally famous vag before.

    Locally famous sure… but national? This is new.

  2. congratulations!!! it is TOTAL BS that we can’t get that stuff done. now that Adam is snipped i resent my monthly GIFT even more now.

    wow i know someone with a famous Vagina for a cool reason. BRAGGING RIGHTS!

  3. I only know of one person to ever get her tubes tied in her 20s. No kids, in a relationship…and then she changed her mind and got it reversed! Augh. (I was born a year later, which I also have a bone to pick with her about, too.)


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