almost vacation

T-minus three days until I’m on VACATION!

We’re leaving for PAX sometime on Thursday, and it will be Good Times. I’m looking forward to seeing Ali and family too; we should be able to get in some good visiting time with them amidst the nerd orgies (both figurative and literal). It’s a long weekend thanks to Labour Day, and I have all of next week off for No Good Reason – I’ve long been envious of Heather’s random vacation time, so I’m taking a week off for myself. I might go to Victoria, I might sleep the entire time, I might start crafting for December’s Got Craft .. I might do NOTHING. My options are endless! How delightful for me!


I had an unusually busy weekend that I’m still reveling in; the (shortened) workweek be damned. We had our company picnic on Friday, which was a lot of fun if exhausting – I was on the organizing committee, and spent much of the day running around and eating shrimp. Afterwards, I was stuck with the leftover cake – about 15 pounds of it – so I demanded that the gang come over and eat cake, which they did. They did not eat nearly enough; there’s STILL a terrifying amount of cake in my fridge – but a small dent was made, which I’ll have to live with. Note to self: find more ravenous friends; current crew has dainty, lady-like appetites for free cake.


On Saturday I was up at the asscrack of dawn – I had a SECRET DATE. I spent the morning wandering Granville Island with some awesome people before I had to return them to their place of origin all too soon. It was barely 1pm at that point, leaving me with three hours to kill before my haircut – time for a nap! I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as my body wanted, so I crashed out the instant I came home. Waking up to be on time for my appointment was brutally hard, but I managed to drag my woozy ass over there and got myself neatened up for September. A group dinner at La Casita finished out the Saturday, and Ed and I spent a quiet evening doing gobs of nothing. It was nice, even if we both had cranky headaches.

delicious juice?

On Sunday, Shan, Miranda and I wandered Chinatown and Gastown. We stopped in at the Blim Monthly Market, bought some Chinese bakery goodies, and hopped on a Big Bus for a Groupon tour with Stephanie. It was fun to be in a giant convertible bus, even if the guided tour portion was a little questionable – too much focus on shopping, and they skipped a lot of important Vancouver knowledge. Still, it was a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon and after the tour we ended up at Rogue Wet Bar for a late lunch. It was a busy afternoon, but at the end we were all exhausted so it was off to retire/do laundry/watch tv/prepare for the week ahead. And here we are. Goooo Monday!

I have another dentist appointment at 3 today, and it really can’t come fast enough: my broken tooth keeps breaking more, and shards of pointy ouchy things are sticking out and hurting me in places. The appointment is to deal with the last of my cavities/toxic fillings, but I’m really hoping he can just yank the shards out of my mouth already and be done with it. I’m still not decided on the route to take with my missing tooth, but I want the extraction done as soon as fucking possible because this kind of sucks all over. Tooth chunks are gross.


no YOU'RE weird

2 thoughts on “almost vacation

  1. Ok, you know how everybody was talking about how going to the dentist wasn’t bad and getting cavities filled wasn’t bad, and how you said it wasn’t great but wasn’t as bad as you thought? Extractions… suck. Take the next day off work just in case, is all I’m saying – and stock up on T3s.

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