I think I’ve conveniently talked myself out of going to Victoria. There are several reasons, each more valid (as an excuse) as the last: I don’t have keys, my mom doesn’t know I was thinking about coming, the ferry is expensive, I just did groceries and want to cook delicious meals. I still need to go to Victoria at some point .. just not this week. I don’t wanna pack stuff and live out of a bag. Life is HARD.

I still have an entire day ahead of me, though, and two more to follow. I think I’ll go for an Epic Scoot – I haven’t ridden Lola in a week, and I feel like going somewhere ridiculous. I wish my camera was working – by the way, my Pentax is totally hooped; it won’t read batteries – I’d go take pictures of stuff. I suppose I’ll just have to use one of my other 50 cameras (okay, 3), but I really need to get this battery issue sorted out. I don’t like it when my toys stop working, and I’m out of things to sell so I can upgrade to shinier, newer toys. Also, I have no money. I’m officially putting a stop to my Summer of Insane Spending – I have a vacation to save for, and I’m not going to get to Mexico on Sephora sprees alone.

Good thing a tank of Lola gas is still cheap, though. Let’s ride! Maybe I’ll put my tank bags on so it looks like I’m hardcore. That’s a good way to spend my vacation: pretending I am hardcore. Yesterday I did hardcore groceries and made a hardcore jerk chicken spinach salad; today I will go for a hardcore scooter ride and follow it up with some hardcore tilapia for dinner. YEAH! WOOOO!

So, does anyone know how to fix my camera?

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