Well, I’m in America now. I may never leave, actually. There’s Mexican food here, and the air is pretty calm. That’s the whole reason why I would attempt to stay in the US on $19.05 – I don’t want to ride back to Canada. The wind will get me, you see.

I got bored this afternoon and started stressing that I hadn’t been on any Adventures on my week off. It’s a gorgeous afternoon, so I decided it would be a great idea to ride Lola to the States. It’s really hard to get people to come with me at the best of times, so I thought I’d just go for it and have some fun with my remaining $19.05. It’s either that, or play 8 hours of Dragon Quest then feel guilty all night long.

I strapped my saddlebags onto Lola, and we were off. I had a full tank of gas and a pocket full of quarters; let’s ride!

I was NOT counting on making a new enemy on the ride down.

Did you know that the highway is WINDY? And that, in the grand scheme of things, I am very small?

I am usually not a small girl. In fact, I am a hulking brute of a latch-key kid; the product of mixed messages and food punishments going back as far as I can remember. Lola is a very, very solid scooter – with me up there, we’re like a small tank of sassy near-nudity. I don’t feel SMALL on Lola; I’m a friggin’ Amazon up there. Nothing to fear.

Except, now, I hate the wind. Why is it so strong? Why is it trying to blow me off course and into fields of manure? I’m a fan of blow jobs as much as the next person, but riding Lola down the highway to America was kind of awful. I’m not looking forward to the ride back. I may just stay here for a while; soak up some local flavour and get to know people. I can make a new life here – they have Diet Coke and it isn’t windy. Who needs the highway? Not me.

2 thoughts on “uh-merica

  1. eep, yeah, that’s my prevailing memory of when you and I did the scooting to america thing last summer. don’t let the wind get you! we want you to come back!

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