an adventure in numbers

Number of:

  • Modes of transportation used: 11
  • Butterflies in our stateroom: 2
  • Meals eaten next to small Chinese girls who spent the entire time removing every trace of condensation from her water glass when she wasn’t throwing elbows at me: 1
  • Punk rock cabbies: 2
  • Convenient outlets near the bed in either sleeping area: zero, goddamnit
  • Dick specials: 4
  • Non-entrendre dick specials: 1
  • Minutes on board before I realized I could drink: 3
  • Straight tequila mini-ships downed: 2
  • Confusing desserts: 1
  • Bryan Adams-singing stewards: 1
  • Small Asian boys breakdancing to Sweet Home Alabama: 1
  • How much I sucked at casino: lots
  • Delicious flan I could have eaten: 74
  • Ruing done when Ed found the bacon sandwiches and I didn’t: 3
  • Trips back for bacon sandwiches: 2
  • Minutes spent naked on our private verandah: 20
  • Illegal acts performed: 3
  • Engagement rings purchased: 1
  • Temperature in degrees of the hotel bathroom in Seattle: 123
  • Times I changed clothes on the ship: 6
  • Pounds gained: 0
  • Pounds that would have been gained if the cruise had been any longer than a day: 20
  • Hours of sleep on the boat: 6
  • Mysterious wake-up calls at 3:30am: 2
  • 3am arguments: 1
  • Pictures uploaded: 88
  • Fun had: 169
  • Minutes it took me to start planning our next mini-cruise, hopefully this time with friends: 6
  • Hours slept as soon as we got home: 5

Words that aren’t in bullet points coming soon, but the whole trip was SO AWESOME! We’ll absolutely be doing it again, and you fuckers need to come with us. HOORAY FOR ADVENTURE!

me and ed and anthony and stephanie

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