the chase is on

Tonight I will don my ninja gear (which is giraffe-patterned for some reason; I’m not big on stealth) and track Lillian Alling on her journey of revenge and singing: I’ll be tweeting once again as the Opera Ninja live from the floor of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Follow @operaninja to get the Kimli-flavoured scoop on this newborn baby opera!

The Vancouver Opera’s 2010/2011 season starts on Saturday with a bang: the first performance is actually the world premier of Lillian Alling. Ooh la la! Sure, Nixon in China had a Canadian premier as part of the Olympic going-ons, but this is a world premier – of a locally commissioned piece of work – that happens to (partially) take place in BC. You can’t really get much more home grown than this .. unless you consider that the opera was both composed by and stars Canadians. Yeah! GO TEAM!

I’m looking forward to this. It’ll be my second stint as the Opera Ninja and my second English opera. Plus, it’s about revenge and looking for things. I do both of those on a near-daily basis – perhaps someone should write an opera about me. It could be based on my best-selling book, Drink Fuck Fight. Naked opera! Has that been done before? Who cares, let’s do it. Naked!

Hey, it’s time for taco salad!



free from desire (of taco salad)


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