The Kermit Dress lives!

During one of our last trips to America for shopping, I tried on this bright green pleated muumuu of a dress that I LOVED because it was hilarious, but everyone else hated. I often make jokes about shopping with handlers to keep me from buying ridiculous items, but it’s more of a necessity than a joke – I’ve given my friends Veto Power in an attempt to save me from myself. If you think I look terrible most of the time now, you should see what would happen if my friends weren’t involved. It .. isn’t pretty. Apparently, buying things because they’re funny does not really work with clothing.

I wasn’t really all that surprised to see the Kermit Dress again yesterday, on the clearance rack. Determined to make it work, I scooped it up and tried it on again – and was immediately veto’d by both Renee and Miranda. I was crushed – I LOVE the Kermit Dress. It’s so .. green and pleated, and it has a giant bow. Sure, it’s fantastically unflattering – it kind of makes me look like an artichoke – but I love it anyway, and it made me sad that four people had veto’d the dress.

Then I put a jacket over top of it, and pulled on my boots.

That was it! It changed the Kermit Dress from a shapeless horror to .. well, a shapeful horror that was actually kind of cute! After reviewing the outfit with the additional accessories, Miranda changed her vote and Renee soon followed. Just like that, the Kermit Dress was mine – look for it at some event near you! It is kind of impossible to miss!

The rainy season has begun, which means I won’t be wearing pants for the next little while. My pants are too long and they drag on the ground, so I try to avoid wearing pants because it’s just the grossest feeling ever (and plus I am tired of my coworkers quitting in wet pant protest) – I get to wear all the dresses and skirts I can’t really wear in the summer because I’m on Lola and it just isn’t safe. It feels equally unsafe on the bus, but here the potential for road rash is lessened.

Hey, universe: stop sticking it to people I care about. Thanks.

in limbo

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