all your fault

I begged. I pleaded. I opened my soul and asked for help: I beseeched Twitter to tell me, order me, FORBID me from buying these Doc Marten boots.

Don’t get me wrong – the floodgates of support did open .. the other way. Countless people (okay, 5) threw their hands up in encouragement for me to BUY the boots, not to stay away from them. I *KNOW* they’re totally me – that’s why I wanted them so badly in the first place. For the sake of my credit card, I needed help resisting the impossible lure of plaid, 20-hole awesome – but instead, you turned your coats on me and cheered me right into the devil’s hot sticky embrace.


they're fucking awesome, damnit

I ordered them on Friday after you all stabbed me in the back, and they showed up today. I’m both impressed and cursing your names aloud.  Tonight I take them home and treat them with toxic chemicals, then tomorrow we take over the world.

It’s been Crazy Delivery Day here at work – two and a half things arrived for me. My iDevice cases shipped separately and I only got the first one today but it’s really awesome: check my app blog for pics and a review. The case, boots and various girl sauces from Sephora mean I have a busy night ahead of me, no thanks to you crummy people on the internet.

(you know I’m kidding; I <3 even if you drive me to terrible, awesome things. I guess it’s just payback for all the times people have thrown things at me for being an enabler – shopping with me will break your wallet. s’not MY fault I find great things for other people.)



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