green glass and high tides

The comment I made about glass water bottles may have been the single smallest paragraph written in my epic update of all things TEDx, but it caught the eye of the company that did the bottles up – and they wrote a post about it!

Click the image to visit Fairware‘s blog. It’s actually really interesting – I learned stuff I didn’t know about emissions and supply chains – but I really love the fact that they took the time to address the concern I had and provide a thorough, awesome answer. I don’t have many opportunities to look for custom branded goods (yet – Delicious Juice Dot Thongs for my tenth bloggiversary, anyone?) – but if I ever find myself looking, I know exactly where I’ll go. Hooray for awesome customer awareness!


One thought on “green glass and high tides

  1. Ummm… Kay. Just that we’ve moved so much industry out of this country due to corporations wanting to make even more money. As an investor, I understand this approach to making money, but cutting your leg off to lose weight is a poor solution. There needs to be some balancing point of people over profit.

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