manic sunday

For all the worrying I did about Got Craft, it was totally fine – even better than fine, actually. I had forgotten that I had bags and bags of Smuttons all ready to go, and the other items I was selling (flower rings and necklaces; contrasts are fun) take virtually no time to make. A few hours spent on Friday and Saturday shored up my inventory, and we were off.

I ended up making about $300 (and spending $70 of it), which is astounding when you realize I’m basically selling porn for $1 a shot (no pun intended). Most of my fun comes from people’s reactions as well as bringing out the DIRTIEST SMUTTON OF ALL TIME to share with a select few – it’s so very, very dirty that I don’t dare display it in the drawers with the rest of them. Ask me to see it some time; I’ll try to keep it in my wallet or something in case there’s ever a lull in the conversation.

Our table was a hub of activity all day – so many people came to visit us! Mikala brought me Diet Coke, Ed delivered some emergency pants and a blanket (we were sitting by the door; it was FREEZING) and .. it was just a fun day. I didn’t start to feel tired until almost 4:30, which was easy to deal with as the doors closed at 5pm. My stuff packs up quickly, and we were out the door with our spoils – Miranda bought pottery and a bucket; I got paper gnomes, two necklaces, some magnets and also a bucket. Crafty goodness is so fun!

Ed was a whirlwind of activity last night, and after I pried myself off the couch there was much cleaning done. My old-school internet friend Chris is coming to visit for a week, and as we’ve never actually met in person I want him to be duly impressed with our spotless kitchen counters and my successful scaling of Laundry Mountain. I even hung a lamp! Behold and admire the brightly lit area above my clean desk! Be amazed at the dishwasher; empty of crusty dinnerware! Bask in our empty garbage cans; each one a sparkling beacon of trash disposal! Totally ignore the gas leak in the kitchen!

Um, we kind of have a gas leak in the kitchen. We turned the gas off last Thursday and have been eating out of cartons since then, but no one can come in to look at it until sometime this week. Ed is convinced our home is about to explode in a fiery ball of toys and cat litter, and I’m just annoyed that I haven’t been able to cook in a week – it is very inconvenient to have a gas leak, although I am grateful that there is still 12 days left in our home warranty thingie.

This should be a fun week – Chris has never been to Vancouver, and there’s a lot to show him. The forecast looks like hell, but that’s what umbrellas are for – and if the evenings clear up, it might be a great time to check out the Christmas Market, the lights in Stanley Park and VanDusen, and whatever is going on along Robson. Good times ahead; no pants necessary.

we had to shoo curious children away - next time i won't put the porn next to the box of pretty flowers

pretty flowers nicely offset the filth in the mysterious black box

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