In the end, every single wish from the tree was fulfilled. It took six people to load up all the gifts, and multiple extremely laden trips to deliver them all to the mom, who was beside herself with tears and gratitude. I may have choked up a little. For all the stressing and worrying I did, everything came together beautifully in the end. My coworkers are awesome at giving!


After tomorrow at 5pm, I can stop worrying about other people and begin to worry about MY people. The Ninja Tree will go up this weekend!

I’m a festive ho ho ho!

4 thoughts on “*sniffle*

  1. Oh, and just so you know for sure…
    I’ve had the… luck to be on both sides of this situation in different times of my life. Sucks to be in a variety of tight spots.
    Many of us have been there to some extent, but if your resources are low, having people do something so thoughtful and fun and useful, too – well, it can also be a boost when life has been pretty hard.
    So when I can, I sure love being able to help someone else, because we all can use a bit of compassion, yes?
    And your pic is so adorable, I was getting all teary-cheery just looking at it. O. M. G. the cute stuffies. {ee-ee-eeeee}

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