like fungus

It’s amazing what can grow on you when exposed to it in marathon form. After a full Christmas day of friends and food, I was exhausted and quite unable to move. Unfortunately, I was also too tired to sleep – it was all I could do to sit in bed and stare at the television, drooling a little. As it was a Saturday night and also Christmas, there was nothing on TV to watch .. except for a 24-hour Big Bang Theory marathon on the Comedy Network. So, I watched. And giggled a few times. Maybe it was the sleeplessness, or the turkey, or the four pounds of bacon that morning, but I was really kind of enjoying myself and annoyed when Ed turned the TV off at 3am. The show has grown on me, okay. It’s an acceptable alternative when I am not into watching that particular episode of Futurama.

I went shopping this afternoon because I couldn’t take another 5 hours of Ed hogging the TV to watch hour after hour of hockey with the occasional Entourage break in between. I avoided malls and stores that are traditionally mobbed on Boxing Day, and instead went to Bodacious on Main Street (where I poured a 40 on the curb in honour of my beloved Voltage), Bed Bath and Beyond, and Canadian Tire. At Bodacious, I scored a bunch of really cute stuff – two dresses, a jacket, a hoodie, a bag and some file folders somehow. I love Bodacious but can’t shop there often because I am poor, but they have good Boxing Day specials so I allow myself a bit of a spree once a year. From there, it was off to Bed Bath and Beyond to spend a gift card from my in-laws – I’ve been desperately needing a new comforter for a while now, and they gave us a gift card that bought me a nice one plus room for some extra stuff for the house. They ALSO gave us a gift card for Canadian Tire to buy an area rug for our living room, so I trotted off to pick that up (and some popcorn bowls to use with my new popcorn maker hooray!). I’m completely wiped out but pleased with my Boxing Day finds, and looking forward to the week ahead: I work Monday and Tuesday, but have the rest of the week off to get into trouble (and plan to do so, with relish). Good times ahoy!

It is time to eat the Vince Dip!



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