no right to complain

I can’t tell if I don’t feel good because I’m coming down with something – a distinct possibility – or because I saw a dead body on my way to work this morning. I figured I would feel better with some caffeine and food, but my trusty and delicious Diet Coke and the flavourless muffin did little to settle my headspace and I’m actually feeling worse, which licks.

However, as lousy as I might feel right now, I’m still alive so I really have no right to complain. We passed the aftermath of an accident on the way to work, and witnessed a police officer arranging the sheet to cover up an inert form on the road – someone died. That sucks. I don’t know when the accident was, but apparently the body is still out there (almost three hours after we passed the scene). That doesn’t seem right, even though I know they need to document the scene to determine what happened. I like to think that I’m totally jaded about crime and violence because I immerse myself in it daily, but there’s an extreme difference between what I read, watch and play versus real life – and I hope to never live in a city big enough to become unaffected by death in my back yard.

My thoughts about mortality are at war with the saucy conversation about the possibility of a threesome (or moresome!) I’m having via MSN.

Fuck. News about the accident is starting to come out, and it sounds as though a 17-year-old boy was struck and killed by a dump truck. That’s really sad :(

2 thoughts on “no right to complain

  1. O.M.G.
    That was scary enough… Then I read teenaged boy and felt my blood run cold. *I* have a teenaged son. Who walks home late at night sometimes after his movie theatre job. Who sometimes forgets to let me know he’s going to a friends for the night afterwards… Until I awake/realise it’s 1am or later and he’s not home. Terrifying.
    But of course, this could be any of us, at any time, any place.
    I’m glad you’ve not become cold to such a scene in the Big City. Breaks my heart that too many people have.

  2. I once walked within 5 feet of the body of someone who had stuck a gun in their mouth and blew the top of their head off, while I was on my way to work. The sight was so… unexpected that it didn’t even REGISTER to me what it was until I was virtually within touching distance.

    Normally the concept of death doesn’t bother me, and I thought I was fine until I started crying while washing my hands after going pee.

    The person who committed suicide? He had terminal cancer, and no close friends or family near him. He was so scared of dying alone in his apartment and nobody finding his body, that he stepped out onto the sidewalk at 8:30 am, and blew his head off in front of about 20 people going to work and a bunch of children heading to school a block away.

    So there’s a little ray of sunshine for you – if you die, you have loved ones who will discover your body before your cats start to eat it!

    heh :-)

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