My weekend started out kind of wet:

bless the rains down on haaaaaaastings streeeeet

I don’t really mind though; the moisture in the air helps my zombie skin. It’ll be spring soon enough, and things will be glorious once more. We may be used to the rain, but that didn’t prepare us for the EPIC DOWNPOUR on Saturday night – we watched rivers of water stream through the intersection, and were grateful to be inside.

Saturday was lazy, until 5pm when I went to get my hair did at East Vanity Parlour. I needed a haircut, but more importantly, I needed colour.

First I looked like this:


After letting the chemicals do their thing, I looked like this:

this is also what i looked like in 1998

I would love to show you the aftermath, but I can’t. We decided to put blue in my hair, and it looks awesome – but it’s still too dark, and doesn’t show up very well. I need the dye to fade a little before it’ll be obvious that I have stripes made of super fun, so you’ll just have to take my word for it : I am cool. Likely cooler than you.

I had originally planned to run away to Seattle to catch an Astronautalis show, but Saturday at 5pm was the only time I could get my hair did. Afterwards, we (Shan, Miranda and I) drove around to find some food and ended up on the North Shore. The others were feeling tired and not up for adventures, so I dropped them off and went home to Ed who had a headache and was ALSO not up for adventures. If it hadn’t been too late to make the show in Seattle, I would have just gone – next time, I do what I want. No adventures is no fun.

We slept in on Sunday, and I prepared to go boot shopping on Granville. I figured I’d be in for a solitary afternoon inside my own head, but Ed surprised me by asking if he could come along. Company was better than the alternative, so we set off in search of replacement boots and I struck gold almost immediately:

new boots (with a crazy green stripe!)

I had always shied away from the lace-ups Docs because I thought they’d be a pain, but these have a zipper too so I can get naked fast. I wore my dying favourite boots to compare anything I found, and was surprised to note that these awesome embroidered Docs clocked in at 1/4″ lower than my old ones and were fully made of cute. Ultimately there were two pairs I found that I liked – the ones I bought, and these which I kind of love but were too tall for what I was looking for. Ed didn’t like them because they’re “too industrial”, but I loooove them and they fit me awesomely and the instant they go on sale, they will be mine. It’s all fine and good to have fancy lady boots for delicate girl times, but sometimes you just need to have your legs look as threatening as possible .. and these would do the trick very nicely.

Yunn and Barry came out for pizza on Granville, and we wandered around for a bit while I put my stamps to use as I had intended all along:

waldorf: like!

I stamped “like” or “dislike” on the posters along Granville, just because. I am amusing to myself.

I’m hungry. I think I’ll eat a baby or two.

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