dirty pool

I don’t want for much, really. It makes me very hard to buy presents for, because if I want something I will just buy it. There are many reasons for this – impatience (but I want it noooooooow), because I can (watch me waste money, mom!), the remnants of a very old habit (no one else buys presents for me, so I’m gonna treat me right) – but at the end of the day, there are very few things on my Want List that I can’t just go out and make happen.

In fact, there are just three things on that list – and each of them has a back story and a somewhat valid reason for not being mine right now:

  1. As much as I’d like to tool around in a Jeep, it would take both of us to pay for it and we kinda like the whole “no car payments” thing
  2. A trip to New York for our 10th anniversary next year requires saving and planning in advance and would be significantly less fun to do alone
  3. I don’t yet have a pug, because Ed sucks

However, just because I don’t already own these things does not mean that I am not scheming in the back of my head. As with all things, I have A Plan to ultimately convince/harass Ed into agreeing to my Wants because he loves me/wants me to shut up. The Jeep would be nice but isn’t any sort of necessity, so we can leave that alone for now. The idea of going to New York next September is barely two days old, but I really really want to do it. The pug .. well, that’s an ongoing battle and one that I WILL win, even if I have to force the issue – I can only play well with others for so long before I start to get all vindictive and evil.

Can you tell I was an only child?

Anyway, part of my Plan to get what I want involves playing some dirty pool. I haven’t had a chance to outfit our house in any 2011 calendars yet because I haven’t run into any fly by night Calendar Club stores lately (or at all, actually – weird), but while running an errand today I happened upon a clearance sale at the bookstore and bought these:

twelve months of puggy goodness

look how pretty new york is, dear - we should go there

Ed rolled his eyes at the unveiling of my master plan, and asked why I was torturing myself. I don’t see it as torture at all! It’s getting what I want through the Awesome Power of Osmosis!

Today is Day One. Let the Countdown to Pugs begin!

11 thoughts on “dirty pool

  1. Did you ever consider that having a pug would greatly compromise your scooting and travel adventures? No more leaving the city at the drop of a hat with the responsibility of a dog. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dogs, but the attention and care they require is almost akin to children. That’s why I stick to cats :)

    • I’ve been prepared to get a pug for almost 5 years .. that has been thought of. When we travel, it’s almost always by car and the dog would come with us. As for scooting, it would give me an excellent excuse to get a side car for my Vespa .. and I could easily have many short adventures instead of the rare lengthy one.

    • That portrait is hilarious and creepy as hell :D And the swinging pug makes me go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW but I can’t help but think that looks a little uncomfortable!

  2. Dogs are gross. There! I said it :)

    I feel about dogs like I feel about kids: they drool and sniffle and lick and stink (particularly pugs, actually, and other smaller dogs – many have nasal problems and sniffle and lick constantly.) Picking up bags of poop is just not for me. And walking them. Daily! Sometimes twice! Rushing home to let them out to pee… Bad breath. Obedience lessons. Separation anxiety. No shoe is safe! Sticky, smelly chew toys everywhere. Drool.

    Bah :)

    I think it really is very much like wanting a kid: I’m on Team No Drool, be it babies or kids. I think you just sort of KNOW what team you’re on from birth. If you’re dog people, well, sure, some of my best friends are dog people ;) I’ve lived with dogs, had roommates who had dogs, and still… Team No Dogs.

    What I’m getting at is that Ed might not be dog people like you’re not kid people; and I can totally get not wanting a kid, or dog, and feeling completely opposed to the whole idea of having one or the other in the house and being responsible (even by proxy) for it. It’s not entirely rational, really, but it is very strong.

  3. I am coming out of lurkerdom to proudly proclaim that I have a pug, and you should get one at all costs! We adopted ours from the local rescue shelter. She was described to us as a 3 year old female pug in good health. When we got to the shelter, the reality was that she was an 8 or 9 year old grey faced old lady, who we later found to be stone deaf, arthritic, allergic to EVERYTHING, nearly blind, and to have a digestive system as delicate as butterfly wings.

    But she is our pug, and we love her to death. She also travels with us – we took her to work with us every day for six months, and when that job ended, she moved west with us. She goes everywhere with us, she even traveled across the country and back with us in October. We’ve recently found that she enjoys the company of other small dogs. (She’s an odd bird, had never really reacted to other dogs in her presence until recently), so we are searching for another grey faced, old man or lady pug as a companion for her.

    They definitely have a distinct personality type, and there is nothing like it.

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention:

    Before we got our pug, I was the “anti-dog” person in our household. Between my bf and I , we have 6 cats. Cats are easy, and you can leave them home alone for 10 hours or 24 hours or 48 hours. Dogs have to go outside every few hours. Cats are tidy. Dogs smell. I didn’t want a dog, no way, no how.

    But – my bf wanted a dog, and he really, really, really wanted a pug. I finally relented and told him that if one showed up at the local shelter, we’d see about adopting him/her. Within 30 days, a pug had shown up at the shelter, well, now, I just cannot imagine not having her.

    I guess the moral of the story is that your husband MIGHT just come around after you bring your pug home.

  5. While I cannot help with the Pug. I can help with NYC. Since I was raised there I can help you find all the money saving yet wonderful ways to see my city. Theatre, yup got you covered, food, that too and pretty much anything you need. I can even get my friend to be your tour guide and maybe chauffeur.

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