I am very angry at my face.

I don’t know if I’m stressed out, exceptionally greasy, or lived as a volcano in a past life but my face is breaking out like having clear skin is the latest fad and I’m too cool to play along. I’m trying really hard to clear up my skin and not freak out too badly, which is against my nature because I freak out every time my face betrays me like this. I’m doing everything right – not touching my face, washing with a mild cleanser, drinking lots of water, not using bacon fat as moisturizer – but it’s not clearing up fast enough. I hate this! I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any acne-related temper tantrums as a teenager, so I’m going to make up for some lost time tonight and wail piteously about how my life is over and that no one will ever ask me to the Spring Formal.

i hear she steals change from desks

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