schnitzelfest 2011

(I’ve been away from the internet for the last two days, taking a Sharepoint 2010 class – I had no internet, so I couldn’t post snarky remarks about the length of the instructor’s pants. The horror!)

Last night I didn’t organize Schnitzelfest 2011, and it was awesome. So very German! We commanded a large table featuring many of my favourite people, and it was quite groaning with schnitzel and cabbage and sauerkraut and spätzle and Winter Dunkel and other assorted German food which is still all weird to me. Armed with the memory of my stolen nibbles from our last visit, I had the rinderroulade which came stuffed with hidden mushy pickles (not a fan) and onions and additional meats:


As good as the food is, it’s secondary to the real reason we go to the Vancouver Alpen Club: the dancing. Oh, the dancing! There is something kind of magical about watching old couples dance – for all our snooty hipster cynicism and tendency to jeer at anything that isn’t future retro bohemian punk cool, watching people twirl about on the dance floor having a wonderful time makes my heart grow at least three sizes.


Even the scary man at the front door accosting people for money couldn’t dampen our spirits – we had to rescue several of our party from giving him money (you pay if you’re there to dance; we were there to eat and watch) and he ended the evening hovering over Shan and I with creepy overtones, but the rest of the evening was too fun to waste any time dwelling on the angry man and his angry suspenders. Besides, how can you feel intimidated by an old man and his beer belly when Superman himself was in the next room?

During our last visit to the Alpen Club, the Euro Band rocked the house with their polka-flavoured goodness. This time, the Al Pichler and his Alpiners played – and while Al and his accordion were great and all, the drummer was friggin’ Superman himself. Not only did he keep perfect jaunty time with his drums, he multitasked while doing it – for most of their set, he played the trumpet at the same time. He was amazing! Every time I looked over, he was doing different things – playing the drums and the trumpet; playing the trumpet and the maracas, drumming and singing. The highlight of the night was probably the band’s rendition of Glenn Miller’s In the Mood; Superman drummed the entire song, trumpeted the famous brass lines, AND sang the verses. It was incredible to watch, and I am in awe of his talent. So much fun!

Our waitress was authentic German and completely adorable (and also gave us free lava cake because they ran out of chocolate mousse), and she handled our ridiculously complicated bill with ease and aplomb. Last night was the first visit to the club for most of our group, and while I can’t speak for all of them, I know that Ed had a great time which makes me full of happy. He even wants to go back, and we’re planning on taking his parents there if they ever come visit. I know his mom will love it – how can you not? It’s just .. happy!

in 40 years this is going to be us, dancing to classical hip hop

this is my new secret spy phrase: the schnitzel is breaded

this is from our first visit, and wasn't there anymore - paul found his lederhosen !!!

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