state of love and trust

My team and I – henceforth to be known as the Ministry of Love – had an off-site meeting on Friday, where we used business buzzwords in real sentences and planned our goals for the next six months. After the official work was done and the official salads eaten, it was time to build the team – we pulled glass! We went to Granville Island, where we visited the glass studio and made our own glass flowers. They had to temper for a while afterwards, so we couldn’t take them with us – but my co-worker (to be known as RPG because he is Rated PG) will pick them up for us and soon we will have flowers! Made of glass! So fun – I’ve always wanted to try it, and I’m giving a serious thinking about taking glass blowing class. The Granville Island class is $500, but it would be fun. And molten. Something to think about, anyway.

Set free early on a gorgeous Friday afternoon, I convinced Ed to bail out of work early and we headed for the border. We made surprisingly good time over it with minimal probing, and were on the interstate by 5:30. Not wanting to interrupt Kid’s Movie Night at Ali’s house (and to lessen the temptation to eat the guests), we killed some time at the Seattle Outlets. I successfully stopped Ed from buying a $900 Burberry raincoat (to be fair it was on sale; the original price was $1200), so I celebrated by buying ruffled panties and 3 completely adorable dresses at 75% off. With time sufficiently killed, we drove south into Kenmore and to Ali and Doug’s place in the ‘burbs.

It’s not quite 7pm, but our Saturday has been chockfull of random goodness – waffles! Penis coffee! Hugs from Uncle Goat! Collecting the half dozen or so packages I shipped to Ali’s house because it was impossible or insane to ship to Canada! Being fed stinky balls and a cow that tooted in my mouth! Hours of colouring with River; I drew a unicorn and a tiger and a trio of flamingos and also several killer bees with which to terrorize Ed! All coloured out, it was time to head into town. I got to go with Doug in the Tesla Roadster, which was insanely awesome – with Ed, Ali and the girls traveling behind in the non-Tesla, we headed to Lunchbox Laboratory for some gourmet burger goodness. We’re already huge fans of Built Burger, but as they’re only open on weekdays, we tried LL. How can you not love a joint that sells Tang and Kool-Aid on tap; serves tater-tots and Satan Ketchup? Pretty sure you can’t, so we fell in line pretty quick. So good. Why Vancouver can’t have places like that I’ll never know. Oh, and I’m almost positive Roseanne was eating in the booth next to us. Famous people like delicious meat too, after all.

I’m really tired – I got up at 7am for quality visiting time after a great sleep on the split-personality mattress – and I’m kind of thinking the giant octopus pillow in the corner is looking pretty sweet. After I nap, I’m going to move in. I love Seattle – I’d move here in a second if I could. Vancouver wouldn’t miss me.


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