information of the proletariat

This is why I’m not in charge of things.

I’m building our corporate intranet, and embarking on a teaser campaign to generate some buzz before the event horizon; reaching for the low hanging fruit and using a holistic approach to core competency and other exciting marketing lingo that I just looked up on Wikipedia. This is all fine and good – I like doing creative things, even if I kind of suck at it – but there’s a distinctly Communist flavour to all my material. Like, a lot of it. Most, even. Everything I’ve made so far would not look out of place in a young idealist Joey Stalin’s bedroom; lining his walls like centerfolds from Tiger Beat or Bop magazines. I am amused by this. Hopefully others will be as well (or won’t notice, which would probably be best).

capitalism is the reason we can't have nice things

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