i have a tummy ache

.. but Ed made it all better by bringing me Sweet and Sour Pork:


saucy pork love!

:D It’s a delayed Valentine’s Day present! I posted a link to the porky goodness on Twitter ages ago, and promptly forgot about it – but Ed apparently ordered it for me, and now I have an adorable piece of pork on my desk to brighten my day. Hooray!

Our systems are down at work, and I can’t do very much. You’d think this would give me time to write an epic post full of wonder and delight, but you’d be wrong – I have nothing to say other that my stomach hurts, I have cute pork, and here are some apps you should buy immediately (yes I know these are on the wrong blog – shush):

Tiny Wings

Device: All
Genre: have you ever wanted to fly?
Price: $0.99

Gorgeous art, great music, adorable premise, fantastic game play all for a dollar – what other reasons could you possibly need? Get this app now, and feel a warm glowing warming glow when you play the awesome and support indie game makers.

Tasty Planet

Device: All
Genre: so hungry
Price: $0.99 (50% off sale)

The main idea behind Katamari Damacy is to collect things so you grow bigger so you can collect more things. Enter Tasty Planet: you are goo, accidentally released into the wild from the lab. Eat things to grow bigger to eat other things – start out a mere iota and grow to devour a universe. It’s played entirely by tilt and is really fun – I scared the cats with my loud cheer when I was finally big enough to eat a golf ball. Get it now while it’s on sale!

Viking Tales: Mystery of Black Rock

Device: All
Genre: *viking noises*
Price: $0.99

Row row row your boat, avoiding obstacles and collecting gold and battling enemy ships. I’m not yet viking’d-out, especially when the app has as much to offer as this does. Interesting game play, a lot of personality, and all for a dollar – check it out if you’re in the market for some fun and stuff.

Perhaps I’ll go put this content on the other blog now, but I’m too lazy to take it off here so .. just enjoy it twice, ok?

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