snow cleaning

Thoughts I had while cleaning out my closet on this snowy Saturday afternoon:

  • So that’s where my black tulle petticoat went! I should totally wear this to work on Monday to my job as a whore in a frontier brothel!
  • Why do I have so many sequined vests?
  • Wow, I sure have a lot of dresses
  • I am going to kill the person who designed this closet, but he’s probably already dead because no one this stupid could ever figure out the finer logistics of walking and breathing at the same time
  • I need a wardrobe for all my corset. I wonder if I could talk Ed into that.
  • Cool, my white dress! Now I can tie-dye it!
  • Will I ever wear this latex shirt again? Better keep it just in case.
  • My friends are doing a lousy job of keeping me from buying things because they’re hilarious – they’re fired.
  • Seriously, fuck this closet so hard. I wonder what would happen if we took off the doors?

Turns out, closet looks much better without doors. We stashed them under the bed, where they’re out of our way and also blocking any monsters from hiding underneath. It’s win-win for everyone, except maybe the monsters.

I think I’ll clean out the storage closet next – I need to dig up the leftover tulle from Tanya’s wedding so’s I can be a princess at River’s birthday party next month.

Yeah, you’re jealous.


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