frustrated inc.

I am frustrated with my face.

The habitual dry skin I get in the winter is out of control this year, and is so much worse than it’s ever been. I’m scaly and gross all over my face, and it HURTS. Nothing I’ve done is helping at all and I can’t stop clawing at the dried pieces of flesh hanging off my face like some sort of disgusting Kimli jerky. I got a prescription for some soothing creams from the horrible clinic I go to for my meds, but it did nothing – it lacked the steroid component I’m used to getting when my face threatens to fall off. I figured I could work around the cream and keep things under control, so I didn’t bother getting a different cream.

Fast forward to today, when EVERYTHING HURTS. Moving my face in any way is a crusty exercise in pain and bad times, and nothing I’ve done since September has made things any better. Even worse, the zombie areas have spread – there was a time when only the right side of my nose was devoid of moisture, but those were apparently the good days. My entire nose and both sides of my mouth are excessively, horribly dry and my forehead – I have a unibrow made of scales. No part of this is any good at all, and I am depressed and ugly and sad.

I won a shirt because my team somehow came in second in our office Rock Band tournament last Friday, but the shirt I picked out is hitting a little too close to home today:

ow my face

I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday after work, and I will not leave the office until there are steroids in my tiny elf hands. I am tired of being gross! In the meantime though, I will mope. Today it sucks to be me (and my face).

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