strapping on

.. the life preserver, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Actually, I take that back – this won’t be a bumpy ride, because I don’t want it to be. I will try very, very hard to behave myself this time, and maybe I won’t need to worry that I’ll be tossed out into the open ocean as shark bait. I will sit perfectly still. I will not rock the boat. I will be quiet and keep my mouth shut and not many any (more) snide comments within earshot of people who thought this was a good idea. I’m good, see. That means no one will fire me for speaking my mind, because I don’t have one. No boat rocking here!

.. okay, maybe a little wave:

Our corporate website got redesigned. It looks nice – very bright and clean, and without any horrible stock photography. Except I almost wish they DID use stock photography, because at least those pictures of fake-ass smiling employees have WOMEN in them, unlike our new website which is a complete and total sausage fest. They had a photographer come in and take pictures of some of our more photogenic staff, and those people are the ones you see on our site. That’s a nice idea and all, but what are they trying to say here? We don’t employ women at all? Or we only hire ugly women not fit to be displayed for internet consumption? Boooo. Neither of those things are true, and the righteous feminist in me is appalled that they’d make our website so full of wang. Have we not come further than that as a society? Is this not 2011? Do I not work here as well? If you give me a project, do I not bleed hilarious and accurate documentation? I demand equal representation for our capable, knowledgeable sex! Put some ladies on our website! We can and do work here too!

*splash splash*

Okay, I’ll be quiet now.

It’s just kind of annoying, is all.

2 thoughts on “strapping on

  1. OH SO MUCH YES. I have dealt with this as a designer and I am, I think, only cognizant of it as a problem because I’m a woman in a male-dominated field. Most designers don’t have a clue about the responsibility to represent woman and non-white-dudes fairly. So much wang! At least you have multicultural wang. That’s something…

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