My team at work is a relatively new team, and people don’t always know what we do. It doesn’t help that every person in PCC does something completely different, either – we are a confusing but attractive bunch. At a meeting, we tossed around suggestions to educate our co-workers as to our roles – wearing hats, or refusing to talk to anyone unless they ask questions in grade school German. I jokingly suggested we needed to create banners to hang above our desks; each depicting what we actually do on a day to day basis. I wasn’t actually serious, but the idea picked up steam and kind of took on a life of its own .. end result, I spent my weekend doing this:


I couldn’t find a recipe for the style of flag I wanted, so I kind of made one up. They’re not perfect – neither my sewing skills nor my crest-making skills are really existent at all, but they’ll pass. It helps that they’ll be hung from the ceiling, so no one can really look too closely. I’m kind of proud of them, flaws and all – I sewed a thing! Five things! And I only swore at the sewing machine 9 times, and needed Josh to help me fix it 4 times! Craftiness is AWESOME!

I don’t feel very good, though. I had to skip brunch this morning for feeling like hell, and I’m kind of queasy. I’m not allowed to be sick, so I have until tomorrow around 7am to get better. So, here we go.

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