just one fix

I took the last of my crazy pills on Sunday night, and made plans to fill my prescription for more on Monday after work. Unfortunately, when I got home I was stricken with an intense case of the lazies and didn’t want to leave the house or put clothes back on – no big deal; I have a stash of emergency brain meds for travel/this very reason. I would just take one of those, then replenish my stash later.

You can see the problem here – actually TAKING my crazy pill would have required putting Hot Springs Story down and getting out of bed. I fell asleep long before this could happen, but no big deal – I’d just take the pill first thing Tuesday morning and everything would be super.

Yeah, this didn’t happen either – I forgot all about it until I was actually at the pharmacy refilling the ‘scrip while reeling from the brain zaps. I didn’t really want to double up on the meds at that point so I went back to my normal schedule, but the damage has already been done – I’ve got Mega Vertigo and I’m gamely trying to stay upright because I’m not wearing my good underwear and passing out is just gauche.

If you’ve never had brain zaps, consider yourself lucky. I liken them to that scene in the Matrix where Morpheus is describing their reality to Neo – giant sentient robots roaming the earth sucking the delicious juices out of humanity under an unrelenting night sky; lightning crawling across the ominous cloud cover like electric spider webs. It doesn’t hurt, really, but it certainly doesn’t feel right in any way. It’s .. tingly. I have a tingly brain. Throw in the incessant vertigo, and it’s a wonder I’m able to keep my eyes from crossing. Please don’t ask me anything difficult today.



2 thoughts on “just one fix

  1. The brain zaps is just one reason why I am hesitant to go back on the crazy pills.

    I always likened the sensation to turning a corner and having your brain whip around the corner two seconds later. It’s an odd feeling.

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