bold flavour with toasty acorn notes

I’m bad at everything most people seem to take for granted – today I discovered that I am bad at coffee.

Living between a Tim Hortons and a McDonalds means one of us will go out to get breakfast on non-brunch weekends. I was up and at them before Ed this morning, so I was tasked with the Fetchening – Ed needed coffee; I needed Diet Coke, and some breakfast meats would also be nice. I made it to McDonalds just before the menu changed, ordered up some vittles, and made my way across the treacherous parking lot home .. only to be continually perplexed by the coffee cup. Why won’t the contents stay in it? The lid is on, but it’s spewing coffee out all over me and it’s hot and it stinks. I figured I lost half the cup up my sleeve and down my pants, but when I got home it was STILL FULL. Is coffee magic? I think there may have been magic involved.

I’m still not going to drink the stuff, though. It reeks and now I need a shower.

Stupid magic coffee.

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