mouse play

The boss is away, so the mice will play serve pie.

It’s Pi Day, and I brought in ALL THE PIES EVER (okay, 8) to feed the office at lunch today. They can’t expect me to do the whole “culture” thing without a bizarrely strong emphasis on nerd culture, so in addition to Pi Day we will be celebrating Star Wars Day, Geek Pride Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and SysAdmin Day. Unfortunately (or otherwise, considering I’m talking about work) we’ve already missed International Fetish Day for the year, but there’s always No Pants Day (aka everyday for me).

I should make a Technical Writer Appreciation Day. No one thinks of us until they have to document something, and then people realize how awesome we are. No one in their right mind WANTS to do documentation except for us, but here we are. Appreciate me, damnit! My work is valuable!

As a representative of the People and Culture team, I must always be keenly attuned to diversity. I realize that not everyone is into pie, so in the spirit of entendre equality, I present you this image:

thanks wanda :D

You’re welcome.

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