frozen thighs and knee pads

Bring on the frozen thighs and knee pads – it’s riding season! I thought I saw a glimmer of sunlight out the window this morning, and all at once could no longer handle taking the bus every day. It’s been an unusually wet end-of-winter around these parts; I don’t think I’ve waited this long to start riding since the year I bought my first scooter. Freedom! I has it! Smell ya later, transit!

Of course, the forecast for the next ten days or so show nothing but rain so I’ll probably end up on the bus again tomorrow .. but today I will enjoy the ride.

I am seriously conflicted about something and in a bizarre-to-me position of silence for the sake of discretion. I live my life like an open pop-up porno book, and NOT saying something that’s on my mind is just alien and backwards. It’s not about any of you, I’m not dancing around the Passive Aggression Pole, and I’m not dropping thinly-veiled hints at anyone in particular so put down the butter knives; I’m just wrestling with my need to write about the WTF and my desire to not upset anyone. Maybe I’ll write about it later – after I’ve spoken to someone in the same boat – and see where it goes. Maybe I’ll come up with some insane analogies to hide the truth but get my point across anyway. Maybe I’ll just sit here and drink Diet Coke. I HATE not writing about things, damnit.

My 10-year bloggiversary is in two weeks and I haven’t thought of anything fun to do outside of justifying the purchase of an iPad 2 to myself. Boooo.

7 thoughts on “frozen thighs and knee pads

  1. I am SO READY to start scooting again, ugh. We must go for a ride as soon as the weather isn’t the shits!

    Also, is the thing that thing we talked about? With the stuff? And the what the?


  2. I know it’s about me. That fight we had about cardigans? I THOUGHT THAT WAS OVER. Dammit. Now I’m getting all choked up again. It’s just… A CARDIGAN IS NOT A PULLOVER. There. I said it. I’M NOT SORRY.

    (The google ad below your post is for Groupon, and it says Groupon is “Like doing Vancouver at 90% off”. I assume they’re talking about The Sex, because what else could it be?)

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