má tá sé mí-cheart

I’m either coming down with sleeping sickness, or caffeine and I need to have a long boring talk about our relationship.

I’m tired. Beyond tired, even – I’m exhausted and more than likely drooling. There’s no real reason for me to be so tired, and I’ve tried all week to catch up on my sleep but each time I do it’s a restless endeavor that leaves me cranky and worse off than before. What gives? I have no trouble falling asleep, but once I’m there I’m lucky if I stay under for 20 minutes at a time. There’s a great deal of tossing and turning, and I’m always too hot never too cold you take your best shot too hot to hold and it sucks. I need to figure this out, and soon – so I’m Doing Science for the next few days. Ed is out of town, so we will see if I get a better sleep tonight. If not, I will stop drinking Diet Coke past 8pm and see if that helps. I’ve narrowed my problem down to either Ed (he won’t let me sleep sideways) or the caffeine (I take Diet Coke to bed with me), and something’s gotta give before I explode in a fountain of blood and glitter.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I am wearing a green sweater, green eyeliner, and a green necklace – I look like a slutty 4-leaf clover, but I’m okay with that.

Here is a video by a nice young man who overdubbed the House of Pain’s Jump Around in Gaelic – it is pretty awesome:

Dún do chlab, dún do bhéal, éist le mo scéal
Má cheapann tú go dtuigeann tú tá tú cur i géill

5 thoughts on “má tá sé mí-cheart

  1. Wow, I totally just got sucked into watching Alanis Teeny-Pop videos from the 90’s. Freakish reliving on my painful junior high years.

    Uh, thanks for that.

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