pleased but sticky

I took off my pants between two parked cars – spring is officially here!

I’m wearing a dress to celebrate Wednesday (and because I’ve done too good a job at convincing myself dresses are awesome; I feel like a horrible slob in pants now), but I wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous day and ride Lola to work. It’s still too chilly (and generally foolish) to ride with bare legs, so I wore temporary pants and removed them when I arrived downtown. It’s a somewhat clumsy system, but it works for me and it’s better than the alternative – chapped thighs are never sexy.

This was all over Twitter yesterday. Enjoy, or something – it kind of defies explanation. Be sure to watch “Part 2” after you give up on the original; it’s hilarious. And I’m sorry.

My new business cards arrived. They are not as exciting as when my title was officially Internet Superstar, but since my job is several thousand times better, I will deal like the trooper I am.

training & communication & FUCKING SHIT UP DAWG

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