the soul of discretion

The Vancouver Twestival was last night, and while I didn’t meet as many new people as last year, I went with quality over quantity – the people I DID get to talk to are some of my favourites, both new and old. I was an official volunteer this year (unlike last year where I just decided “I’m helping now, k?”), so I was pretty busy with various tasks (mostly involving the swag bags – I am the Master of Stuffing). I did get to mingle a bit though, and take many pictures of the spectacular view. This year’s venue was the Harbour Centre Vancouver Lookout, and it was friggin’ AWESOME. I love it up there – Vancouver is a phenomenally beautiful city, and it makes my heart all tingly that I get to live here.

As busy as I was last night, I certainly didn’t go without moments of sheer hilarity both inside my own head and also outside for others to play along. One of the sponsors of the event was I Love My Muff, makers of products that promote soft silky happy vaginas. I love vaginas, so I was more than delighted to inform everyone (even random people passing by that had nothing to do with Twestival – oops) that with their swag bag came a lovely treat for their vaginal areas, whether they had one or not. Poor Vincent was my table partner, and having only met me 40 minutes prior, he knew nothing about my extremely vocal love of the Almighty Flower of Creation. I hope my Happy Vagina Dance didn’t make him TOO uncomfortable; I was just .. excited. About vaginas. As usual.

I also showed an amazing act of restraint last night for the first time ever – I didn’t suggest to the Godfather of Vancouver Social Media that he purchase a Beauty Night raffle bracelet to use as a cock ring. I consider my tongue biting a personal win – look at me, being the very soul of discretion! I am a lady in all ways!

In other news, I am not sure if I should be dismayed or delighted: I decided I needed to wear sequins today, so I got dressed and put on a sequined vest. Then I realized my shirt was covered in cat hair and couldn’t be worn, so I put on a different shirt that and found that it really didn’t go with my sequins at all. No worries, though – I just pulled out an entirely different sequined vest, and went on my merry way. Sequins are for all reasons! I am going to be the most awesome old lady EVER!

Happy for Friday; fun weekend ahead. Stuff is good fantastic. My insides are smiling!

so high

the shadow is my penis

it's true; i so do

toys for a giant

dance, tiny puppets!

hairiest swag ever

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