naked without rainbows

A shapeless canvas sack is not a good way to transport liquid. I thought I’d save you the hassle and let you know – you’re welcome.

I’ve been riding Lola to work for the past week, and it’s been glorious. Yesterday and today in particular were really nice, and I truly hope this is a sign that the sunny, gorgeous springs we’re used to are here to stay. The riding has been great, but something seemed off somehow – and today I realized what that was.

Lola is missing her rainbow legwarmers!

She’s naked without them! I took them off last winter when I stopped riding for the year – they needed a good hard laundering as they were beyond filthy. I need to fix this, and soon. She looks so wrong without the rainbows! Lola is due for a bath, so I’ll wash her up this weekend and make her all pretty for the new riding season. It’s a silly thing, but I’m looking forward to it – I love how my scooter looks when she’s clean and gorgeous and silly.



Today I am cheery.

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