beaten at my own game

I used to keep the specifics of what I do for cash money hidden, because it was more fun to hide behind the title of Astronaut than face the boring reality. I ditched the space suit once and for all several years ago, after a series of disastrous space missions that soured the idea for me – it’s hard to bring the funny when you’re being terrorized on a daily basis at work. I decided to be a Mad Scientist this time around, but eventually I dropped the pretense all together and let on that I actually work as a Technical Writer and IT Trainer. My loins are truly afire for the tech writing (I train because I have to); I strive to make documentation that isn’t a horrible chore to read. The company I work looks the other way a lot (it helps that everything I write is for internal use only), which means I get to reference nerdy things and pop culture in everything I do (including the famous “Choose Your Own Adventure” style manual for a particularly obnoxious procedure). I amuse myself on a daily basis, and I still like my job because I can put dumb things in my examples.

I’ve never put naked people in my documentation, though.

I’m a sucker for anything iPhone-camera related, and ordered this telephoto lens from Photojojo. It’s pretty awesome:

the burrard inlet, non zoomed and zoomed

.. but the makers of the lens win this round with their instructions:

naked bums not included

I’ve never put nudity in MY documentation. Clearly I need to step up my game. This round goes to them – the battle may be over, but they have not yet won the war. We’re launching a new billing system at work next week; my documentation is going to be so full of naked people it’ll be rated XXX and protested by church groups for generations to come. Oh, it’s on. It’s on like 50 meaty cocks slapping you in the face. BRING IT.

And, um, hello to the people from Vancouver is Awesome :D

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