bullet time!


  • I wrestled mightily with the 4-day headache and finally won, meaning I was able to go to the Bootlegger’s Ball fundraiser for the Vancouver Police Museum on Friday night. I put on fancy clothes, went to the Biltmore, and had a great time. I bought garters! I will wear them with everything! Stacie and I sat in a bathtub!

the bathtub was used to make gin, which i then drank

  • I purposefully wore a t-shirt out of the house on Saturday night, just to see if I could do it. It was a very nice t-shirt – turns out that men’s medium shirts fit me fantastically well – but I hated every second of it. I don’t know how people do it on a daily basis, but wearing t-shirts feels really, really wrong. Uniboob is never sexy!
  • We saw Sucker Punch, and it was confusing and bad but pretty and great-sounding – I loved the soundtrack, but the movie itself made me feel kind of dirty (and want to buy mascara)
  • I love polka dots
  • Ed bought a motorcycle on Saturday! He sold his scooter last weekend, and while he was sad to see the BWS go, he got a blue motorcycle that goes zippy zoom fast! Soon we will be able to go on ADVENTURES! I am so excited I may have to pee!
  • On Sunday, Miranda Shan and I drove to Whistler to go to the baths at Scandinave Spa. Miranda had been there before and Shan had spa’d elsewhere previously, but I was new to the entire thing. It was AMAZING and I really want to go back and bring Ed who enjoys water and steam and relaxing. Sitting in a hot tub outside while it’s snowing around you is fucking fantastic, and I still smell like eucalyptus a day later. I always thought going to the spa involved people rubbing at you and painting your nails (two things I do not care for), but this was completely awesome in every way and CHEAP thanks to a Groupon. I will be going back again for sure to abuse my pores and sweat in public!
  • On the way home, we stopped for BBQ at the Campfire Grill, which is in an RV park in Squamish. The three of us ordered enough food to feed about 12 people, with the intent of bringing it home to the manfolk. I am not as crazy for BBQ as the others, but I still enjoyed my food and Ed swooned at the sight of so much meat. The service was awesome, the food was great, and it was a delicious juxtaposition from our morning spent spaing it up in the mountains.
  • Today I am off to see George at the CBC! Hooray for George!

hiiiii-yah =^.^=

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