all for ed

.. and this was my Sunday:

scandinave spa in whistler

the nordic pool is my favourite - i apparently like being cold ass cold


tall mountie is tall

Ed’s birthday is on Tuesday, and we spent the weekend doing birthday things. I was working with a theme, of sorts – “Do Stuff for Ed”. See, I get out a lot and go to neat places and have adventures and experiences and more fun times I can shake many sticks at. Ed is usually not there when I do these fun things, for a variety of reasons – so I end up with a great big list of places I want to share with him at some point. This past weekend was that point, so we Had Adventures just for him all weekend long.

On Saturday, we rented a boat at Horseshoe Bay and went out on the water for a couple hours. The weather managed to behave, and we even got some sun on the water for a bit. It was just the two of us, and it was SO MUCH FUN – I took several hundred pictures of seals. We’ve always talked about renting a boat and going out on the water someday, and I am tired of waiting for someone else to declare it was officially someday so we did it – and it was awesome. Boats are so fun! They could be the new scooters! It’s actually pretty reasonable to rent a boat, too, so I’m definitely going to be declaring someday again this summer. I uploaded some of the 500+ pictures I shot on my Flickrs; check them out why not.

We brought it down a little on Sunday, and drove up to Whistler early in the morning. I had booked an hour-long Swedish massage for Ed at Scandinave Spa; after which we would visit the baths and get our soak on. Ed is a big fan of massages (I am not), and he didn’t get a beach massage in Cuba – so I thought this might be the next best thing. Shan, Miranda and I had visited Scandinave in April and I’ve been wanting to share it with Ed, so that was the second part of his birthday weekend. The weather was glorious, and we were at the spa for 4 hours taking our sweet time with enjoying it all. We steamed and soaked and sunbathed and I spent far more time than is probably good for me in the very cold Nordic Pool. I burned my shins a little in the hot mountain sun, I showed Ed my boobs in one of the hot tubs, and it was a really, really nice time overall. Scandinave Spa is incredible.

Also, I can cross at least half of “buy Ed a rub n’ tug for his birthday” off my Bucket List.

We cleaned ourselves up and headed into Whistler to wander around for the afternoon. Whistler is so very close by, but I hadn’t been there since September of ’06. There was a lot going on in the village, and we spent a few good hours looking around. It was an enjoyable way to spend a delicious Sunday afternoon, but before long we started to get sleepy and we hit the road for home.

That was the plan, anyway – half an hour outside of town I got a text message directing us to the Pemby for Friend Time. I enjoy Friend Time, so we ate dinner with peoples before finally going home to unwind before Monday.

Ed’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but I hope he had a good weekend anyway. Happy Birthday and junk, donkey slut. We had good times.

ahoy matey do you want to swab my deck

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