not full of bologna

.. because I removed it from my sandwich and threw it out.

What kind of place serves up a clubhouse sandwich with bacon, ham and BOLOGNA? An evil place, that’s what. This is why I rarely eat sandwiches – they often come with HORRIBLE SURPRISES. I should have known something was terribly wrong when my request of “no middle piece of bread plz” was met with baffled shock and terror. My tummy hurts. I have a mouth sad. I wanted turkey!

As far as todays go, I’ve had better. The pop machine was out of Diet Coke (it has since been restocked, but I am offended on behalf of myself at 9am), one of our two new employees walked off the job today (it wasn’t my fault this time; he got a better offer), and I’m just now starting to deal with the rebuild of our internal Sharepoint site and the sheer amount of work I have to do is making me want to cry. No, today is no good at all – so instead of listening to me whine, here are some pictures of small Hello Kitty things:

hello elephant

hello umbrella-ella-ella-ey-ey-ey

hello mother russia

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